About Sri Kumaaran Dairy

The brand Ghee has grown over the years due to consistency in its Quality, Purity, Flavour and Supply. The product quality is maintained right from procuring raw material till the final product is rolled out from the factory. READ MORE

Raw Materials

It's our company's endeavour to make the best products


Excellent quality and divine purity.


We bring you superior quality Pure Cow Ghee hygienically packed.


The brand Sri Kumaaran Dairy Ghee has grown over the years due to consistency


International consumers a 'never-before' experience of tasteful consumption.


By ensuring availability and diligent display at various counters

Our Products

We have confidence in our purity because we pass the produced ghee through an equipment , ghee clarifier which filters and cleans the hot ghee from minute dust particals which may not be even visible to eyes nor will get filtered in normal regular filters.


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